This post while written in australia was posted after I returned. Had some technical issues with the internet on the way home. Last post for my trip! Enjoy!

Wow! I really thought Sydney would be one of those over played beautiful cities where everyone talks about how great it is, and when you get there it doesnt live up. So not true! As I type this, I am sitting waterfront between the opera house and the harbour bridge watching the sun set on a gorgeous last night here in australia. The sun has been shining the whole time. My first day here, I jumped on a double decker tour bus. I did this for a few reasons, it was easier then figuring out public transport, it takes me right where I wanted to go, oh and I can suntan while I am on it. Winning! I did the city tour the first day, had lunch on a patio in circular quay, then a pint in the oldest pub in sydney in the rocks. I saw the opera house, which is actually quite impressive. That night I met a friend for dinner at this amazing asian restuarant. It is owned by some crazy popular master chef lady. She happened to be dining in there that night, and she autographed a menu for me and sent over a free appy. Super cool! We had veggie dumplings, crab and duck for dinner and although was a bit apprehensive, I ate it all, and it was truly amazing. After that they dropped me at some super cool pub that I apparantly had to go to. ‘Its The place to be’ sure enough, I went in for one quick drink, and left after about 6 and with 4 new friends in tow. They took me to the only nightclub really open on a tuesday in the area we were, then walked me back to my hotel to make sure I got there safe. Great people, they were british living in australia, and there was even a girl with them, so I got a good dose of girl chat which was much needed after hanging out with all these guys! So much fun! I love sydney.
Next day is beach day! I spent the day lounging around bondi beach and hiking around it. I am not sure I have ever felt so relaxed in my life! It was filled with people just relaxing and enjoying the quiet solitude of the beach, and the crashing waves. They let the tourists feed the seagulls here and in surfers paradise so the beaches are just flooded with these stupid birds that people feed all day. Super annoying. It interferes with my zen lol. Headed back into the city in time to watch the sun set over the harbour. Its a perfect ending to a perfect trip. I was also invited to trvia night at the local pub tonight, but not sure i will make it. Apparently they need my smarts! Yup you heard it here first…. people think i am smart here. The only problem with this trip is I dont want it to end. I have a half a day left tomorrow before I head to the airport for my long flight home. Tonight its dinner with friends at an amazing french restaurant, then boat tour of sydney tomorrow. I cant wait to come back here. After my own country I would have to say that australia is the best country I have ever been to. I have met so many cool and different people, seen so many amazing sights, eaten incredible meals, indulged in fantastic wine, and at the same time, found out a lot about myself that I didnt know. What a crazy adventure. I will post photos on facebook when I get home, but be warned, there are tons of scenery shots and many many selfies. When you travel alone, its either scenery or selfies lol and about halfway through my trip I realized most of my pictures had no people in it at all, so started the selfie tour so people believed I was also there. View the album at your own risk. If you hate selfies and scenery it might not be your cup of tea. I might even throw in some # for good luck. Could be pretty annoying. Back at the work thing starting monday.not looking forward to turning my phone back on and seeing the flood of emails, but I am looking forward to seeing all my friends and family of course! 🙂 time for the long flight home. Not looking forward to that.

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I can see why they call it mini vegas here. Lots of girls in short skirts, lots of sleaze balls, but another gorgeous hotel, and beautiful ocean views. First thing I do here is head to the beach, take a walk and check out the scenery. Its  at that point I find the irish pub with a huge balcony patio overlooking the  main corner, and live music! Seems like a perfect place for lunch so I go in for a bite, and in true irish pub fashion, free drinks start coming my way! Whats not to love about this!!! Eventually I figure it may be time to go change into some nightime clothes and head out for a bite to eat. While I am getting ready, I decide im only here once and for only one night so why not get a bottle of wine sent up to my room. This is where things start to get a bit messy. They have a channel on the tv that has scenes of australia set to music! dance party time! I can honestly say that was the best solo dance party I have ever hosted. I even took a bunch of selfies so I could laugh at myself later. I may be getting just a little too comfortable hanging out with myself lol. Eventually I hit up another irish bar that is supposed to be the most happening place on a sunday night. Doesnt take too long before I make some friends! This guy started talking to me, and I was trying to be polite as he was definitely not my type. He looked like he spends all day lifting weights. As we started talking though I realized he was actually pretty smart. He is studying philosophy in school, and something to do with dream analysis….. its a little deep for me, so i guess I must have physially started backing away. deep conversations about life and dreams is not exactly my thing. He noticed, laughed and said right well you must like ice hockey so lets talk about that instead. I supoose the moral of this story is to not judge the book by the  cover since he was actually pretty smart, and also to watch your reactions…. I didnt even realize I tried to run away till he called me on it lol. you learn something new everyday out here on this vacation. Super nice guy, it was fun to make a new friend, and again I was escorted to my hotel so I got there safe. I had planned to head out to byron bay in a rental car thenext day, and then go to the airport, but after feeling stressed in brisbane about it, i really wasnt feeling it. I cancelled the car, ordered a shuttle and spent the day laying on the beach instead. One of the things i learned this trip was to avoid unneccesary stress that i bring on myself. Byron bay is supposed to be amazing but i was also told that i needed more time to do it right anyways, so it will have to wait till next time. Surfers paradise is definitely fun, great atmosphere here, so glad I came. That night it is time to head to sydney. I am feeling conflicted since by now I have really adjusted to australian culture and I want to go to sydney but I really dont want the trip to end… the best part so far about this trip, is that I have managed to stay safe and still have the time of my life! On to sydney!

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Well… brisbane is cool. I have to say the outdoor festivals, rallys and such are definitely neat, the ferris wheel also looks cool in the dark, but I feel like I am in vancouver a bit. Maybe I am getting used to the small town mentality, feeling a bit of culture shock today. After checking into my gorgeous hotel right in the shopping district of downtown, I venture out for a drink and a bite to eat. Queen street mall has great little cafes, pubs and restaurants in the middle of the outdoor mall district. It is really neat, I wish christine was with me. She loves spending money, and there are tons of really nice designer shops lol. I am feeling a bit tired its been a long couple of weeks so far, so I decide for an early night. I am going to australia zoo the next day, want to get going nice and and early to pick up my rental car. One thing I learned in brisbane… I hate driving in australia. The different side of the road thing sucks, and I keep underestimating the smount of space I need on the passenger side. I cant wait to return this car and get back to being a passenger. My anxiety levels are definitely high. The zoo was absolutely incredible. Such cool animals, like red kangaroos, red koalas, regualr koalas, snakes. I even saw a tiger. Lots of kids here though, glad I got here early so I can do the the rounds and get out. Some of them are crying.not what I want to hear on my epic holiday! After I return back to my gorgeous hotel, I get changed and head out to the queensland reds game. I found a front row seat right in the middle. I have been studying my rugby rules but unfortunately all my aussie friends are either aussie rules fans (soccer) or rugby league and the rules are somewhat different. For whatever reason, I go to take out money from the machine, and it wont accept my debit card or my credit card. Here comes my anxiety! Of course I worry that my cards have been compromised and I will have no money to go anywhere else, but on a whim, I decide to just to try and use my credit card to buy a beer and see if that works. Success! Beer purchased, crisis averted. So then I bought a tshirt too. I didnt want to stand out as the lone canadian weirdo girl at the game and now that I have beer and a shirt I feel much more part of the group. Once i left the stadium, both cards worked gine at the atm. Go figure! People sure think its a novelty that I am here. It makes for some interesting conversations as they figure out I am actually by myself! I love a good shock factor! After the game, I walk back to the hotel, taking in the saturday night ambience of the city. I am still pretty wrecked so it might end up as another early night for me. Brisbane has cool culture and musicians on the street which is super cool. They also have a lot of dumb guys who bodybuild. I feel like everywhere I turn I see a new steroid junkie giving me creepy eyes. This is where it reminds me a bit of vancouver.  Lots of macho guys who think they are awesome. While slightly irritated, it does make me laugh! The next day I was scheduled to go to the koala sancturay and then head out to surfers paradise. I woke up in the morning at 6 to a massive rainfall, and decided since I had already seen and patted koalas at the zoo maybe I should just miss this. No use paying 60 bucks for a rainy day just to hug a koala lol. Of course the rain stopped, but by that time, I was quite content relaxing with a coffee and some breakfast. All in all I truly enjoyed brisbane, but I was super tired and used it to catch up on some well needed sleep in my amazing hotel. I will definitely be back. I decide to head out early to surfers paradise on public transport…… more stories to come from the place they call mini vegas! Im sure I can get into some trouble here.

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Fraser island fun!

I need more time…literally. fraser island looks so incredible, i just want to spend a week here exploring! To get anywhere here, you really need to book a full day tour, since I get off the ferry at around 930am, I miss those, and I am only here till the next morning. Oh well, I add it to the list of places to come back to. I am staying in an eco hotel. I was apprehensive at first because I am a bit tired and grumpy. The overnight bus ride wasnt exactly my cup of tea, i am still slightly hungover from my daytime airlie beach adventures, and I am really hoping that ‘eco’ doesnt = spiders and snakes. It poured rain the whole way here, but just as I board the ferry, the sun comes out, and shines great rays down onto the island we are headed to. Its like a freaking movie. There is even a dolphin in the water. Getting off the ferry we are greeted with a shuttle bus, and a park ranger who is in charge of telling us what’s on that day. Luke the park ranger tells me the three things I need to do with my short time.
1. Go on the bush tuck walk to learn about the island.
2. Order a sunset cheese and wine platter that gets served down at the jetty hut bar. The sunsets are supposed to be gorgeous here.
2. Go on the segway tour where the ranger takes you down a bunch of the beach.

He seems to know what he is talking about so I sign up.
Turns out im the only one on the walk, and he is the ranger teaching it, so off we head to learn about plants. This guy is so hilarious, I dont think I have ever met anyone who loves their job as much as him, I am thouroughly impressed with his knowledge. Turns out he took horticulture in school. He has me eating all sorts of fruits with funny latin names, and I am doing my best to retain the knowledge. Super interesting and glad I did it. Not sure how young this guy is, im guessing he is maybe 23 or 24 but he is super cute, a little short and young for me, but still cute, he is really into nature, and he cooks and i just kept thinking to myself i wanted to take him home and find him a canadian girl. Oh and the sun was out the whole time! After this I head to the pool for a quick break.
I think one of favorite things is that I didnt use an electronic once, no pnone, no internet and I loved every second of it.
Then its beer time… also known as lunchtime. After lunch I take off exploring a bit, come back and shower at just the right time. Here comes more rain. Not so sure about this segway on the beach thing…. the rainstorm stops so I head down to the jetty for the tour. By the time I have walked there, another storm cloud approaches, tour is cancelled, but now I am stuck at the jetty hut bar with these two aussie guys while we wait for the cloud to pass. Must be beer time, not like I can really go anywhere right now. My friend luke the park ranger stops in to chat on his way out fishing in the pouring rain. Crazy crazy guy. At least it is entertaining to watch! The 3 of us have one beer, then 2, by beer 5, people are starting to come down for the sunset Not sure what they think they will see, the clouds are deep black and its a torrential downpour. At this point when you look around the jetty bar looks more like a shelter than a bar, jammed packed with people. It kinda looks like a scene from a horror movie where all the stupid tourists are stranded on an island. No use wasting my cheese platter though, another round of drinks, a cheese platter and the rain finally stops me and my two new friends head back up to the resort bar, grab a few more beers. Since we are out on an island, when it rains there isnt much to do there other than drink. Eventually my friends get hungry but there are kids at the mid scale restaurant so we opt for the 5 star restaurant. Its a great decision. After learning all about the island today I recognize the lemon myrtle and garnishes on the food. Thanks luke for actually teaching me something! Im impressed with myself and the food is truly amazing. Our waitress was super nice, turns out she is from vancouver! It was nice to talk to someone from home. During dinner, me and my friends realize that i dont know their names and they dont know mine. Lol! We had been hanging out for hours, without exchanging names, i love travelling. We had a couple of bottles of wine with dinner head to our rooms to change then its off to the backpacker bar because I am classy like that. Over at the dingo bar a few more drinks are had, some dancing then somehow I make it back to my room. I must have been feeling pretty safe, because I slept with the patio door open with just the screen. My guess is late night allie wanted to embrace nature. Late night allie is crazy. Morning allie is cold…. and hungover, really hungover. I somehow manage to check out of the hotel, run into my park ranger friend who asks me how i am feeling, probably because he saw me start drinking quite early that day, then I head off to the ferry to catch my next next stop is brisbane, its jam packed full of things to do, I get in tonight around 7 then off to steve irwin zoo tomorrow, the rugby game tomorrow night (I found a front row seat! ) next day is the koala sanctuary and river tour. I am going to need a vacation from my vacation. Its so fast paced! Each place I go to I think I cant possibly fall in love with another spot and then I do! Its incredible. You may be thinking that it sucks that it is raining on my holiday but heres the truth, I dont even mind the rain really, its clearing up for a lot of my important things, and to be honest I think that things are so much funner when you get into situations like that which you cant control. When its sunny and gorgeous, you rely on that to build your fun. When it rains, you are forced to take matters into your own hands, make friends, and build experiences! Plus now I have excuses to come back! I can honestly say at this point I have disengaged from work, stress, and planning. Its a great feeling to be care free! Im riding the bus right now 5 hours down to brisbane, suns shining, my bus driver is awesome, and he is playing some sweet tunes. I like to sit in the front row, so I can check everything out, so I am rocking out up here. Not even the bus is bad today. I cant believe I only have under one week left in australia…

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Airlie beach antics!

Omg. My hotel here is incredible. I splurged on a hotel for the two nights overlooking airlie beach and the coral sea. My suite has its own patio, with ocean views, the pool is an infiniti pool, which is just incredible, and I have insuite laundry, first thing I do of course is a middle of the trip laundry session. I tap into the bottle of wine I conveniently have with me, and spend an hour embracing the silence of the patio. My god the views from here are just incredible. I wish I had more time here, and also my mum because she would just be in heaven in this place. Next time mum. This is where we are coming. Eventually I make the trek into to main block about 3 minutes down the hill. Meet a few geckos. There is also one that lives with me. Awesome! I named him geckee the gecko and he stayed with me every day. Thank god its a gecko and not a spider lol. This place is backpackerville. Head into a big place where there is some live music. Have a few beers. People party here. Fun to watch, but early night for me. I keep forgetting to eat, apparantly one small snack a day is not going to hold me over for 3 weeks lol. I remember the first part of my trip where my friends cooked for me.. that was awesome. Thank god for them or I might have forgotten this whole time. Beautiful place, and the next morning i head out to tour the whitsundays on a rafting adventure. My original tour was cancelled so i booked this new one, and it is super awesome, glad i did. They give us the option to opt out, because the weather isnt supposed to be great, but im only here one day so im doing it. I will apologize now for the ‘selfie tour’ of photos you will eventually see, when you travel alone, selfies are all you really get. But man did I get some cool selfies on this trip. I opted to buy the ultimate package. Basically it shoots video on a go pro of the tour and then they give It to you in an usb stick. This means I dont have to remember to take photos. Lol I hate taking pictures, and I always forget. It will also save you from all the selfie shots!
You literally are on a tiny raft, that goes tops speeds through the island, stops to snorkel quickly, then takes you for a hike to the tallest point of the islands, where you can take pictures. A storm is rolling in, so behind the beautiful whitehaven beach are ugly storm clouds, but they look super cool! The rain clouds reach us, and we get drenched on the hike back down, its a typical queenslander storm though, warm rain, and it only lasts about 15 minutes. Next we head to the beach. The sun stays out nearly the whole time we are there only started raining again at the very end. Its truly an incredible place. The ride back home is bumpy. Like really bumpy. We are all offered ponchos to shield from the rain. They smell funny and im too cool for school so i opt out and get drenched. Lol. What a crazy adventure! By the time i get back to the hotel, the sun is out again, i spend some time relaxing, then head out for dinner and drinks at the backpacker hostel. Met some cool ppl, next day i was going to lay by the pool all day soaking in the sun…… except it is raining on and off all day. Plan b. Pub crawl around town, moving each time the rain stops. Great game to play, it keeps things interesting,  great ppl in the pubs, crazy cool weather. After this, i head out on the overnight bus to fraser island. The weather is not great at the moment in queensland. Apparently I have been chasing a storm, as I leave each place, the storm hits….. i swear its not my fault and to my credit i did warn them i was coming! The cool thing is that although the storm keeps catching up with me, its giving me some sun time as well, for all the important things. At the end of the day, its the experience, and I have some really fun rain stories to share! Maybe australia thought I might get homesick? One guick observation I realized in airlie beach. When I say australians are super friendly, I think I must mean aussie men. Not sure that a women has really talked to me all trip….. hahaha. Oh well! Onto fraser island! The adventure continues!

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Townsville tricks

Well surprise surprise I failed miserably at alcohol free day. Arrived into townsville, got all checked into my hotel, went across the street to some footy club for a bite to eat, forgot to eat, had a few beers met some guys. They were gorgeous, typical aussie guys with nice muscles, and tans. They saw me sitting alone, contently reading a book, had to find out what I was doing in the footy bar. They ended up being brothers from a little town an hour away and their family owns a sugar plantation factory or whatever you would call it. They had a friend with them from brisbane and he looked like a big cuddly bear. They insisted I come with them and go dancing, and after a few beers how do I resist? To the mad cow bar we go… omg I have not seen so many men on the dance floor in my life. Apparently small town aussie men like to dance like crazy. It has been awhile since I laughed so hard, tried to take video, but it didnt turn out. These guys (I forget their names) got so drunk that I looked sober! Thats hard to do. the best part about the whole night, was that they just brought me into their group, getting me drinks, checking on me when the ‘vultures’ circled. They wanted to make sure I had fun and felt safe. They even walked me back to my hotel to make sure I got there safe. First time I partied with people my own age here, and it was awesome. Oh and my hotel was comp upgraded, in both cairns and townsville so I am feeljng pretty good about that too, next day I got up early went to magnetic island around 630 came back to townsville had lunch and got back on the dreaded greyhound to airlie beach. It wasnt so bad this time. Maybe I am getting used to it, or maybe there was just less smelly backpackers. Not sure, either way it was better. One of the best parts of this trip is I havent been ablr to sleep in past 6, so my days are pretty productive. For a little insight into my current state of mind: i like to travel alone, we all know that, i like to do what I want when I want to. what I didnt realize until spending this much time alone with myself…. I usually travel for work, so I teach all day, and like my quiet time at night, unless I have friends where I am. I dont usually spend too much time smiling at random people, otherwise they end up talking to you all night, its not good for my sleep time. I think I may have forgotten how to be friendly lol. After leaving my friend in cairns, I realized my trip would end up pretty boring if I hung out by myself for the rest of it. My new project is to smile at everyone. See what happens. Heading to the backpackers central next. True test of my age…. so far, I have felt pretty old this trip. (In a good way. It is nice to have the good hotels and showers…..) still debating my future career choice. I sure love being on vacation!

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Craziness in Cairns

From perth I headed out to cairns on a red eye. Always making brilliant decisions… its delayed, which gets me into cairns half a day late. Once I arrived in cairns, I was exhausted, my friend picked me up from the airport, and dropped me straight to the sky cable to head up into a rainforest. The sky cable is about an hour each way, It was incredibly beautiful, and a cute artsy village at the top. Saw a huge spider, super scary. After the skyrail, just spent the night chilling out, and catching up with my friend. May have overindulged in a few beers and a couple of bottles of wine… not surpising. My reccomendation, dont drink excessively the night before you are headed out on a tiny boat. It doesnt make for an enjoyable journey through the coral sea. The great barrier reef is amazing, I took pictures, but they dont even begin to show how cool it is. I made the decision to go scuba diving because I like a good adventure. Wrong! I must mistaken myself for someone who enjoys the unnaturalness of breathing underwater. Got through all the learning, got strapped in jumped in the water, and proceeded to have a panic attack when I tried to go beneath the surface. Not really my sport I dont think. You can all laugh at me later, decided just to snorkel instead. Snorkelling is really fun! Met nemo, a barricuda, turtles, little sharks, and a bunch of really cool fish and water creatures. We went to a really cool cay, then off to the furthest part of the reef. Definitely a great experience. Made some friends, and once the water activities were done, it was beer time for the boat ride back to cairns.  These days are really draining since I am packing everything into them, so that night was another chill one, watched a ‘footy’ game and made my friend explain all the rules. My last day in cairns I spent in the city, got a hotel for the night since my friend was going out of town. Went for a great breakfast, cruised the shops, laid in the sun at the lagoon. (Cairns has an amazing man made lagoon for people to swim in). Once I got bored of that I went back to my hotel, and laid by the pool, went swimming, and just relaxed. Its definitely a life I could get used to. By the time i was ready to venture out on the town again, there was a downpour. Apparently in north queensland that will just randomly happen, i had dinner and some wineat the hotel to wait it out then it was time to check out the city at night. Cairns has an amazing night market, took a quick peek at that, then it was time for…… yup more drinks at a great pub on the esplanade. Must have looked a little lost trying to watch the sports, so a table of local aussie guys took me to their table, explained the game to me and bought me drinks all night! Gotta love cairns. Once we shut down the bar, they walked me back to my hotel. People are so nice here and its super safe. Needless to say, I was slow moving this am. A quick lunch and then it was time to board the bus to townsville. Yup I am on a bus right now. Definitely roughing it. I must say that I much preferred being in places with my local friends, built intour guides, cooks, and chauffeurs. Not sure how long ican handle this bus thing.

Some lessons I learned while in cairns:
1. I do not like heights. In fact, i hate them. The sky cable goes really high, its old and terrifying. And I must also be getting old, I never used to fear these things.
2.scuba diving is unnatural and not for me.
3. No matter how much I pretend not to be, I am slightly high maintenance. Might look into some flights, I dislike buses.

Arrive in townsville tonight. Gonna try for an alcohol free day.
Next update will probably be a few days from now, after I cruise through some gorgeous islands

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Allies australian adventure my days in perth

Wow! Perth is by far one of the best cities I have visited. They call it the most isolated city in the world, and it moves at a snails pace, which is exactly what I needed to start my vacation. The day I arrived, I walked out into the parking lot of the airport to palm trees and brilliant sunshine. Arriving at my friends house, that is one block up from the beach with ocean views. Im amazed by all the beauty, and the people here say that isnt anything, just wait till I get to queensland! Slightly overwhelmed. I spend the night catching up with my friend over wine, and good food, and head off for an early night. Saturday is a big day, I met wild kangaroos (at a cemetary because apparently that is where they hang out), toured the beaches, got an australian cell phone (safety first right mum?), went to a party, then a night club with 23 year old, proved I can drink with australians and made it home by 8am. Thats the last time I pull that trick. I am still exhausted! Went and visited some cousins, had a fantastic bbq and catch up and the next day we headed down for an overnight in the margaret river wine region. If the scenario in perth was stunning, this is unbelievable, stunning hills, ocean waves crashing against the rocks, its indescrible, and pictures do not do it justice. Oh and the wineries…. so many wineries, so little time. Im in heaven. Headed to a gorgeous hotel for a “cuppa”, next day, itz back to perth where I spent the afternoon lazing in the sun reading a book and enjoying the quiet. Quiet dinner with some wine then off to bed. Got up this morning to pack. I leave for cairns tonight, took the train into the city to see the sights, having a gorgeous lunch at jamie olivers italian restaurant. Couple glasses of proseco, a pear and gorgonzola bruschetta, and clam risotto, (im even eating seafood lol. Thats how relaxed I am.)  Tonight I catch up with a few more cousins for dinner, and maybe some more wine, then its off for my red eye flight to cairns. Not sure life can get much better, im leaving paradise to go to a better paradise, im catching up with friends and family, drinking good wine, and having the time of my life. I have completely fallen in love with australia, if i could find a way to never leave im pretty sure I would take it. I may have missed my calling in life. Pretty sure I was meant to travel the world and drink wine. More to come once I get to the east coast…..

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Allie’s Australian Adventure day 1

Fun facts:
1. Alcohol is free on international flights! Even for economy class! This is amazing
2. The sign at the seat that says wifi available is a liar. It is definitely not available.
3. Singapore airline is also awesome

After an 11 hour flight to beijing, I arrived on time to the airport and resisted the urge to go into the city and shop. Probably a good idea. Also started shopping through the duty free, so had to quickly get out of there before I filled my bag with more pearls lol. Sitting in beijing airport for 8 hours and I still feel like I am not on vacation. I keep reaching for my phone and my laptop. I realized that I cant remember the last vacation I had that I didnt bring one or the other with me. Its a strange feeling. Feeling pretty disconnected from the world since china bans facebook and twitter I cant use them even if I tried. Given the option, if you arent going to go out into the city for s stopover, I reccomend travelling through seoul versus beijing, they have much more to do and a much livelier international terminal. Found a spa, paid 20 dollars and had a massage. Went to the lounge (thank god for my flyer status, sure makes long stopovers easier) and drank wine for a few hours. Finally board the plane around 1130pm, my body isnt sure what time it is anymore. Singapore air has great in flight entertainment, fantastic service, and real cutlery and glasses. I guess its the little things in life. Also, for my red eye flight, noone in the two seats next to me….. sleep time it is,

trying toget myself om australia time, ive been up for over 24 hours, so manage to sleep for 5 hours, wake up just In time for breakfast. Reminder for myself: wanderlust has struck again, looking out the window as I land in singapore, I have a new item on my bucket list. Even from the plane it looks amazing. We land at just before 7am, there is something so cool about watching the sun rise on the other side of the world from the sky. Singapore amd I must have meet again in the future! My flight was delayed so I race to meet my next flight, no shopping or relaxing in the lounge for me:( landing in singapore finally has me feeling like im on vacation. My excitement builds as I look out the window as we take off. In 5 hours I will be in sunny perth, the first stop on my adventure. Empty middle seat on this flight, loving my space and privacy. As I write this, I am drinking a glass of wine, staring absent mindedly out the window. Cant wait to get some fresh air, and sun. I sure hate airports, and flights. The cities I have landed in have both been 27 degrees and the airports are stifling hot. I must be overtired but I cant feel it since I am so excited to see my friends in perth! The final leg is almost complete, and I am still safe! Landing in 40 minutes.
T be
continued once I get settled in…..


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Flights booked to the other side of the world!

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I book flights or travel for work, pressing the send button on flights is always scary. It is so final, yet so exciting!!! The excitement is definitely building. Sitting here in my office watching the rain fall on a Spring day in Vancouver, its hard to focus on much else other than the fact that in 35 days I will be boarding a plan for one of my biggest adventures yet!!

The countdown is on!


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